Khadija came to the United States from Afghanistan in 2016 with her children and a dream to make a better life for herself and her family.

Khadija’s village in Afghanistan

While working full-time at a cafeteria at UVA she took ESL classes in Charlottesville. Khadija learned about the farmer’s market business and started her own farmer’s market booth. Khadija quickly developed a reputation for delicious food throughout the community and she and her family started catering parties and events.

Khadija in her kitchen

Due to COVID 19 she was forced to stop her catering business, but with the help of Front Food Line she was able to continue her business by making meals for those struggling during the pandemic. With the help of her children, Khadija now sells her delicious food full time at several farmer’s markets throughout central and northern Virginia.

Khadija’s Kitchen is a family affair

Khadija has met amazing people within the community that helped guide and support her throughout her continued journey to success in the United States. Khadija’s consistent drive, optimistic attitude and unwavering motivation to succeed has inspired her children, friends and neighbors to dream big and strive for their goals. She exemplifies the idea that any dream is within your reach if you re willing to work hard for it!